Detailing, Steel Detailing, Structural Steel Detailing, Steel Detailing Structural, Structural Steel Detailing, Conveyor Steel Detailing, Plate Work Steel Detailing, Tank Steel Detailing

We are fully capable to handle any size project for detailing and estimating. We have about 20 years experience in detailing and developing of steel products.

We specialize in shop detailing for 4 sectors in the steel fabrication industries
  • Structural Steel Detailing
  • Conveyor Steel Detailing
  • Plate work Steel Detailing
  • Tank Steel Detailing

All our detailing packages consists of the following information:
  • Detailed Shop Assembly Drawings
  • Detailed Shop Small Part Drawings
  • Detailed Shop & Site General Arrangement Drawing (Erection Drawings)
  • Complete Drawings registers, Shop Assembly Lists, Bolt Lists & Material Lists

We are fully compatible with the following nesting & managing programs:
  • Fabtrol
  • Sigma Nets
  • Pro Nest
  • Estimators Friend

We specialize in the following detailing packages:
  • Exsteel, Tekla Structures (This is a 3D modelling Program)
  • AutoCad (This is a 2D & 3D modelling Program)
  • Inventor (This is a 3D modelling Program)

As a add-on service to our clients we are fully qualified on project management, as we have over 40 years experience in this field for all the varies sectors off our industries.

We pried ourselves in doing projects correctly, swiftly and to the highest standard available to our industries. No project or job is too big or small for our company.